Divine Blend

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Divina Melange 3 is a vibrant piece-dyed woolen upholstery textile reminiscent of felt. Cheerfully simple, it comes in a fresh, versatile palette by artist and designer Finn Sködt.

Compact, comfortable and extremely smooth, Divina Melange 3 expresses colors and the shape of furniture particularly well. It is constructed by weaving the yarn in a simple binding after which it is subjected to pressure and high temperatures. This milling process, which is often associated with fine tailoring, transforms the material from coarse to a soft and uniform, felt-like surface.

Produced by piece-dyeing a dark or light gray melange, the textile's color palette perfectly reflects Finn Sködt's pure aesthetic. The new color scale combines signature nuances, such as hot pink, forest green and Finn Sködt's favorite ultramarine, together with chalky notes and neutral shades. These are meticulously picked from the designer's extensive color library of hand-painted samples, documenting the colors that he has used in his paintings for decades.

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